Little Green and Tan Army Men
Little Green and Tan Army Men
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Little Green and Tan Army Men

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An American Classic is back in action! These green and tan army men are proudly manufactured in the United States from the original plastic molds dating back to the 1960s. These figures were the first to depict US infantry troops of the Middle Cold War era with contemporary equipment that included M16 A1 rifles and an experimental Stoner 63A light machine gun. 

These are real plastic heroes, meant to be set up, knocked down, picked up and played with for years to come. 'Little Green Army Men' have even been inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame. 

This pack includes a random mix of your favorite figures including a minesweeper, bazookaman, radio operator, 60mm mortar, light machine gunner, kneeling rifleman, flame thrower, crawling rifleman, prone rifleman, bayonet fighter, and officer with binoculars and handgun. Figures stand up to 2.1 inches tall and are approximately 1:35 scale. 

  • Little Green (and Tan!) Army Men
  • Colors: 5 Tan and 5 Green Figures in random configurations
  • Size: Up to 2.1 inches tall 
  • Scale: Approximately 1:35
  • Packaging: burlap tie string bag
  • Recommended for ages 5 to 105

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