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Safety is the number one priority of Elastic Precision. All products should be used under adult supervision only. Always use our products in well-lit areas and wear rubber band gun safety glasses/goggles at all times (e.g. loading, playing with, etc.) when using any of our rubber band guns. Adequate eye protection may be purchased at most hardware stores and many retail outlets.

Always be aware of your target background. Never shoot at other people, animals or yourself. Never use our rubber band gun products in public places where they could be mistaken for a real gun. Do not modify any of our rubber band gun products in color, shape or function. Do not cover, remove or paint over the orange tip of the barrel. Never run with or point a rubber band gun at other people, animals, or yourself. Never throw, drop, or step on a rubber band gun, as such abuse might damage the item and cause injury to you or another, and may void any guarantee or warranty, expressed, implied or statutory.

Never overload a rubber band gun (i.e. by putting more than the described number of rubber bands on the gun). Never load or shoot any of our rubber band gun products that have been damaged anywhere on the barrel. User assumes all responsibility for safe operation of all products on this website. Deliberate misuse or modification of any of the products on this website will absolve Elastic Precision from any and all responsibility and liability due to damage or injury arising from such misuse.

Please Note: If your rubber band gun develops one or more cracks in the wood near the barrel tip, DO NOT LOAD THE GUN AGAIN. Contact Elastic Precision IMMEDIATELY for instruction. Please Note: If you have any questions relating to safety, please contact us via the contact info below.


All wooden rubber band guns shown on this website are made of top quality hardwoods. Some variation in wood coloration and texture is to be expected. This is desirable as it gives every rubber band gun its own unique look. Wood is a hydrophilic material and any exposure to water will cause the wood to swell and warp, which will prevent the rubber band gun from functioning correctly.


Elastic Precision warrants that all of its products will arrive free from defects in material, workmanship and function. Each Elastic Precision rubber band gun comes with our 30 day no hassle return policy and a 5 year replacement warranty against defects.

Any alteration, abuse, neglect or home repairs of any of our products may cause a malfunction and voids any guarantee or warranty expressed, implied or statutory. In no event will Elastic Precision be liable for incidental or consequential damages arising out of negligence or deliberate alteration of our products. This warranty does not cover any items sold at any other location, or through any other business or personal entity.


Our site is built on the Shopify platform which is a certified Level 1 PCI complaint DSS platform. With this compliance your payment information is safe and secure. It is transmitted in a fully encrypted industry-accepted algorithm and is never received or stored by Elastic Precision. For more information about Shopify's industry leading PCI compliance please refer to the following documents:  Shopify on Visa's list and Shopify on MasterCard's listFor additional information on PCI Compliance, visit the PCI Compliance Guide website.


The Terms and Conditions on this website may be modified at any time without prior notice by Elastic Precision. The Terms and Conditions prevailing at the time of shipment will apply. These Terms and Conditions represent the policies and procedures of Elastic Precision and are applicable to all orders made in the past, present or future. Any page(s) of our website may be printed for non-commercial use only. Commercial use of any of the contents of this website is forbidden without the express written permission from Elastic Precision. 

Customer Agreement:

Any placement of an order through this website or by telephone constitutes the customer's full acceptance of and agreement to all of the Terms and Conditions as outlined on this website.

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